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Providing Resources and Education to help emerging actors on their way UP!

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Back to One: How to Work as a Background Extra in Film & Television

Ever had a friend ask that famous question: How do I become an Extra in Movies? This book is going to show you HOW! For Thousands beginning their journey in Hollywood, Background work as an extra has been a gateway into the industry for decades. Go beyond the basic do’s and don’ts with actor Kevin Marshall Pinkney as he breakdowns the function of each particular background role, who’s who on set, and the double standard of behavior between background and crew; plus some stealth secrets on how to upgrade yourself after you book your first project.

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Originally from Chicago. Kevin’s love for film & Television and travel started at an early age. He went on to study at the University of Southern California for Theatre & Cinema-Television business. Combining both passions has resulted into visiting 15 countries, 43 states, and working in 11 markets.


Kevin has dozens of background & stand-in credits, over 20 principal credits, and over 20 below-the-line production credits including the Academy Awards and the primetime Emmys


Kevin currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife Alaina.  To Get in tough send him a message: kmp292001@yahoo.com

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On the Mark: How to Work as a Stand-In for Film & Television

Take an in-depth look at a crew position that is so important to camera and lighting, yet so invincible to the average person…a stand-in. Not to be confused with a photo double or body double, or even stunt double. Stand-in’s save time and energy to prep all of your favorite scenes- just before cameras are rolling. Learn what casting is looking for, who’s who’s on the crew. Become a proactive stand-in by the art of listening, and being prepared with the proper tools. Stay a step ahead by discerning discerning standing-in on different mediums and how to utilize your position to further your career.

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Hollywood in Atlanta: The 40 Studios You Need to Know Now

Nicknamed the “Hollywood of the South” Georgia is now the #1 production center in the United States in terms of number of productions. Surpassing longtime hubs Los Angeles and New York. Beyond Tyler Perry & CNN, there are multiple studios that call the Atlanta Metro area home. From big to small, and in between, from backlots to warehouses- learn where studio films, network shows, commercials, popular music videos, student films, and more are shot. If you are new to Atlanta, or soon planning a move to the south; get a leg up on your whereabouts; in order to make informed decisions on where you’d want to live & work.


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